ACE Body Lotion

ACE Body Lotion

Being one of the products based on ACE Pico Protocol, ACE Body lotion is able to invade the 3 layers of your skin to deliver the bioactive material to the deep layers of skin to produce full regeneration and rejuvenation that result in regaining the smoothness, firmness and youth of your skin.

100 ml of lotion with watery base,

best daily care for the skin of your body. ACE Body Lotion contains 75% of its constituents is derived from the most active embryonic stem cells to give rich extract of bioactive peptides and essential elements for the regeneration of the 3 layers of your skin.

it helps in:

  • Regeneration of all the layers of the skin.
  • removal of the pigmented dark spots.
  • helps to remove the stretch marks.
  • helps to remove cellulite.
  • Give back the tonicity and firmness of the young age.


Amino Acids, BioActive Peptides, collagen, Elastin, Extract of Chinese herbs.