ACE Cells Lab Ltd.

ACE Cells Lab Ltd. a GMP manufacturing biomolecular laboratory, Maltby, Shiffield, United Kingdom.

The laboratory is founded and owned by two physicians specialists; Alaa Abdelkarim Mohammed MD. MRCP, Consultant Endocrinology, and Nassim Halim Abi Chahine MD. PhD, consultant Neurosurgery. With an accumulative experience of more than 40 years in the medical field, Dr. Alaa and Dr. Nassim started their independent lab activity in July 17, 2017 first at the Medicity Nottingham, creating a hub for the new researches in biomolecular medicine, proteins and stem cells, founding new standards in the field of cellular therapy.

The pioneering ACE Cells Lab Ltd. offers advanced cures using one of their kind protein-based products, to substitute failing organs. Using multiple patented techniques, ACE Cells products constitute the organogenesis bio-materials for innovative medical solutions.

Founders’ medical philosophy

Both founders continuously contact complaining patients with different degrees of diseases. Many times patients present with full tableau of a syndrome; from severe and acute ill to mild but chronic sufferers, what made the physicians to take a defensive revolutionary position against the misinforming therapeutic campaigns, focusing in their carrier on the cure concept rather than on the unacceptable long-life treatment, unless a case is absolutely incurable, and this is seen in genetic diseases.

The openness to new scientific solutions along with a holistic approach to solve a health problem is the common feature what unified efforts of both scientists since 2013.


ACE Cells Lab has its own cellular manipulation technology and evolved a large diversity of protein products for the best clinical use. ACE Scientists re-review the latest cell researches using state-of-the-art equipment to develop advanced formulas. Thanks to this vision, the Lab is moving far ahead into purposeful protocols, exceeding other manufacturers at all levels and assuring efficient pioneering therapies.

The scientific team at ACE Cells Lab focuses on the patient’s health benefit. A long list of products is now available; however, the leaders had chosen to launch at the market the high value ones, paving roads for distributors to reach the most underprivileged cases.