Functional Brain areas

ACE PICO Cerebro is one of the brands that is dependent on ACE PICO Protocol to extract stem cells contents. For more details about the advantages of the products that is dependent on ACE Pico Protocol, Please click here.

RBC Pico Cerebro is a purified extract of the embryonic stem cells of neurones in addition to the extract of the embryo’s brain, spinal cord and liver.

Electron Microscopic Study for ACE Pico Cerebro Particles (Manchester University)

The main use of ACE Pico Cerebro is to help in regenerating the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves by supplying the brain and the nerves with all the needed bioactive elements needed to start the process of regeneration and to fasten the regeneration process.

In the last century, and before exploring the bimolecular bases for explaining the diseases, the theories of pathology used to state that any damage in the neurones is irreversible.

CNS regeneration has been the subject of many researches with different approaches. Some success was achieved but not complete. One of the approaches was by enhancing the internal growth capacity.(1). another research was focusing on the Effect of neurotrophic factor and stem cell therapy on axonal regeneration after spinal cord injury: Overseas progress in basic and clinical researches(2).

In our approach to regenerating the neurones and other types of tissue, we adopt the concept of ACE Factor Defficiency theory(3). Providing to the damaged cells all the needed essential bioactive peptides in addition to the stimulatory factors that starts to commence the process of regeneration and the factors that restores the natural apoptosis process are the main core of this method. Putting in mind that removal of some negative factors that may interrupt the process of regeneration is another wing in the approach.

(A) Molecular Structure of a representative peptide amphiphile with four rationally designed chemical entities. (B) Molecular graphics illustration of an IKVAV-containing peptide amphiphile molecule and its self-assembly into nanofibers; (C) TEM micrograph of IKVAV nanofibers; (D) SEM micrograph of IKVAV nanofiber gel network. Reprinted with permission from Gabriel Silva et. al., Selective differentiation of neural progenitor cells by high-epitope density nanofibers, Science, 2004; 303, 1352–1355 (parts B, D) and with permission from Krista Niece et. al., Self-assembly combining two bioactive peptide-amphiphile molecules into nanofibers by electrostatic attraction, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2003; 125(24), 7146–7147 (part C).

Many Cases used ACE Pico Cerebro and got better results than the cases that did not use it with thee conventional treatment:

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Strokes
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism.
  • Parkinsonism.
  • Global Dementia.
  • Facial Play.
  • Alzheimer.
  • Neuro-Muscular Dystrophy.


  • Embryonic Brian Live cells and Progenitor Neurone stem cells. 70%
  • Vit B 12 20%
  • Vit C 10%


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