Ace PICO Embryo is one of the brands that is dependent on ACE PICO Protocol to extract stem cells contents. For more details about the advantages of the products that is dependent on ACE Pico Protocol, Please click here.

Because stem cells can proliferate indefinitely and produce progeny that differentiate, they provide for both continual renewal of normal tissue and repair of tissue lost through injury.

Embryonic Stem cells can proliferate without limit and can contribute to any cell type, human ES cells offer an unprecedented access to tissues from the human body. 

Combinations of a few transcription regulators can generate many cell types during development. In this simple scheme, a “decision” to make a new transcription regulator (shown as a numbered circle) is made after each cell division. Repetition of this simple rule can generate eight cell types (A through H), using only three transcription regulators. Each of these hypothetical cell types would then express many different genes, as dictated by the combination of transcription regulators that each cell type produces.

when this happens in vitro using some factors as catalysts to help the embryonic cell differentiate into other types of cells and proliferate, we can imagine that in vivo and in the absence of external catalysts, the embryonic cells are able to manufacture the needed factors that makes it differentiate and stay potent in proliferation.

RBC Pico Embryo is the purified extract of the embryonic stem cells and the extract of the cells of all the embryos organs.

It was meant to be able to help all the body organs to regenerate in an attempt for early rejuvenation. By the word (Early) we mean before the person gets sick, rejuvenation for the purpose of getting younger and more healthy. Our organs get older every day and some organs exhaust the stores of the essential bioactive peptides. Combining this to the environmental factors, our organs get older and older everyday.

It is highly advices that we rejuvenate our organs every now and then in well studied process under the supervision of your doctor, so that we keep ourselves healthy and young.

Without any doubt, this will reflect on how we look and our activities. Getting healthy organs, will make our skin look better and our activity can increase. Therefore, it is a great win operation.