ACE Pico Pulmo is one of the brands that is dependent on ACE PICO Protocol to extract stem cells contents. For more details about the advantages of the products that is dependent on ACE Pico Protocol, Please click here.

Recent studies have shown that the respiratory system has an extensive ability to respond to injury and regenerate lost or damaged cells. The unperturbed adult lung is remarkably quiescent, but after insult or injury progenitor populations can be activated or remaining cells can re-enter the cell cycle. Techniques including cell-lineage tracing and transcriptome analysis have provided novel and exciting insights into how the lungs and trachea regenerate in response to injury and have allowed the identification of pathways important in lung development and regeneration. These studies are now informing approaches for modulating the pathways that may promote endogenous regeneration as well as the generation of exogenous lung cell lineages from pluripotent stem cells.

RBC PICO Pulmo as purified extract of fatal lung cells and mesenchyme stem cells, showed remarkable abilities to improve the respiratory functions of many cases of pulmonary fibrosis and COPD.


30 ml Nozzled bottle for sublingual use.

Weusually recommend for the patient to start the use of 3 months and then we re-evaluate the respiratory functions and advice for the next step.