Royal Barany Cells (RBC) is one of the brands that is dependent on ACE PICO Protocol to extract stem cells contents. For more details about the advantages of the products that is dependent on ACE Pico Protocol, Please click here.

RBC Pico Cardio is purified extract of embryonic stem cells of progenitor Cardiam Muscles, extract of embryonic heart cells and kidney cells.

it is thought that this extract is able to regenerate the damaged superficial cells that are responsible for the conductivity and regulate the cardiac electrolytes.


  • Help in improving heart health.
  • help in improving rhythm irregularities.
  • Help in regeneration the cardiac muscle fibres and the conduction system.
  • help to control high blood pressure.
Our approach to treat acute myocardial infarction (Under testing and subject to clinical trials)

Suggested protocol for MI:

  • First 90 minutes after perfusion transfusion of 1X107 Mitochondria in the place of the infarction.
  • First 24 hours after perfusion, transplant of Progenitor Cardiac Stem Cells in the place of infarction.
  • Starting form the day of perfusion administer 5 ml of Pico PCSC sublingual in 5 different doses daily. 1ml each time. Duration of treatment up to 12 weeks after the perfusion.


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