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Liver disease can be caused by any number of metabolic, toxic, microbial, circulatory, or neoplastic insults, resulting in direct liver injury or from obstruction of bile fow or both. Liver injury alls anywhere on the spectrum from transient abnormalities in biomarkers to li e-threatening multiorgan failure.

Liver cells are tightly affected by the protein intake, One of the earliest studies of protein administration to patients with alcoholic hepatitis was performed in 1948, and this study demonstrated an improved survival rate in patients given protein and calories. One study has evaluated patients with alcoholic hepatitis who were prospectively randomized to receive parenteral nutritional support with amino acid solutions or the regular hospital diet. This small study demonstrated that morbidity and mortality rates were reduced in patients given parenteral nutrition support. A more recent study of enteral feeding versus steroid therapy demonstrated a reduced 1-year mortality in the enteral feeding group (37% versus 53%; P <0.05). Survival in alcoholic hepatitis was linked to the level of protein malnutrition. Thirty-day mortality rates ranged from 2% in mild malnutrition to 15% in moderate malnutrition and up to 52% in severe malnutrition. Contrary to what is still written in most textbooks, the administration of 1.5 g/kg of protein is not associated with deterioration in mental status in patients with alcoholic hepatitis. Increased nutritional intake with calories as high as 3000 kcal/day has been associated with prolonged survival.

As we may notice from the pictures that liver is not only bunch of cells, but also the architecture of the liver play important role in its functions. therefore, it regeneration can not only focus on the hepatocytes, but also must extend to the connective tissue structure with mesenchyme stem cells.

RBC PCIO Hepato is a mixture of purified extract of the embryonic hepagtocytes, mesenchyme stem cells and embryo liver cells.



30 ml bottles with nuzzles to facilitate the sublingual administration.


  • We always recommend daily use for 3 months to give chance for the time needed for regeneration.
  • 10 puffs sublingually every 2 hours from 8 am to 10 pm.