ACE PICO Masculine is one of the brands that is dependent on ACE PICO Protocol to extract stem cells contents. For more details about the advantages of the products that is dependent on ACE Pico Protocol, Please click here.

Age and stress are the most two enemies to any man. They lead to the most undesirable symptoms as loss of power, easy fatigue and loss of libido, which will even lead to more street and worsen they symptoms.

The main reason behind these symptoms is the decline in serum testosterone level which starts to happen in men by the age of 35 with a rate of 1% yearly.

RBC PICO Masculine, is a purified extract of embryonic stem cells of testis and cells of fatal testis in addition to mesenchyme stem cells of the umbilical cord.

It helps in:

  • Testosterone deficiency syndrome.
  • As adjuvant treatment in infantilism.
  • Help to improve the fertility in cases of oligospermia.
  • Helps to restore the normal libido.