Chronic Skin Diseases (CSD) cause sever damage to the layers of the skin either permanent or temporary damage.

Causes of the Damage:

  • Infection (Bacteria – Virus – Fungus – Protozoa)
  • Chemical irritation (Acute – Chronic) causing burn wounds or inflamations.
  • Mechanical Irritation. (scratches – Bruises – Stretch marks – Wrinkles)
  • Autoimmune (Atopic Dermatitis – Eczema – Psoriasis etc..)
  • Neoplactic.

Regardless what the cause of the lesion is, the result is damage to one or more of the layers of the skin.

ACE CSD as highly purified extract of embryonic stem cells of skin, mesenchy and placenta help in regenerating all the layers of skin to promote regeneration of the three layers of the skin regardless of the cause.

Chronic Psoriasis for 20 years. P1 in the beginning of the treatment. P11 after 9 months of using the treatment. The lesion was successfully regenerated to normal skin and all symptoms disappeared.
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