Advantages of Products Based on ACE Pico Protocol


After the clear evidence of the uselessness of injecting stem cells, It became obvious that there is a need for comprehensive cell extract is high.

There are many protocols to get cells extract and all of them has their disadvantages; either by using digestive enzymes or chemicals or other protocols that does not make us reach the desired results.

Summary of the evidence of uselessness of using stem cells parenterally:

  • IV injection or infusion: 85% of the cells get trapped in the lung and the 15% which can escape through lymphatics did not show any sign of proliferation or multiplications.
  • IM / pocket Injection: 95% get trapped in the muscles and 5% can escape through lymphatics.

The explanation of the positive effect that happened to some patients is that the injected cells excite primary immunity reaction and get destroyed and the result of this attack is that the peptides and elements of the cells released in the blood stream reach some organs and stimulate the repair and regeneration of the damaged cells.

This gave an evidence to the need to comprehensive in-vitro extract to the cells that can keep all the bioactive elements viable to be useful to the patients when administered.

Cell Extract:

Many protocols are known to get the cells extract. Some protocols are based on using digestive enzymes to destroy the cell membranes and collect and filter the collected extract. Some protocols depend on immersing the cells in hypotonic solution to promote its rupture and subsequently collecting the extract. Some protocols depend on mixing the mentioned methods and use some heavy grinding machines to help in rupturing as much as possible of the contents.

All these protocols failed to give us all the contents of the cells specially the intra-organelles contents. The bioactive material in the cytoplasm represent 40% of the active material of the cell, while 60% of the most important bioactive peptides are inside the cell organelles.

ACE PICO protocols™ (APP):

APP depends on disseminating all the solid particles of the cells into very small particles reach 15-200 Pico meter, subsequently all the cell organelles will be disseminated, and its precious contents will be released in the extract.

Advantages of Ace Pico Protocol:

  • Cold method: temperature in any stage of the process of extract does not exceed 10°C. The cold temperature keeps all the bioactive peptides in active form.
  • Chemicals free: The process does not include the use of any chemical in any stage; neither lysing enzymes, digestive enzymes nor buffers.
  • Keeping the integrity of the released enzymes and bioactive peptides.
  • The Pico particles are able to be absorbed from all the mucous membranes of the body and even from the skin. The studies showed that 95% of the active material can be absorbed from the buccal mucosa without the need to inject the material to bypass the digestion in the gastrointestinal tract.

Example of the some of the precious contents of the cell organelles in ACE Pico Extract:

Golgi body and Endoplasmic reticulum:

More than 1500 peptides and proteins are released form and manufactured inside the Gogi bodies and the endoplasmic reticulum.[i]

Figure 1 the number of bioactive peptides and proteins commonly synthesized in the Golgi Bodies and the Endoplasmic Reticulum.

Figure (1) Illustrates that 1430 bioactive peptide and enzyme are synthesized by the Golgi Bodies and the Endoplasmic reticulum. 405 of them are synthesized in cooperation between the Golgi bodies and the endoplasmic reticulum, 193 by the Golgi bodies only and 832 by the endoplasmic reticulum.

Figure (2) Illustrates some of the names of the peptides and enzymes present and synthesized by the Golgi bodies and the endoplasmic reticulum.

Mitochondrial peptides:

Figure 3 Analysis of Mitochondrial peptides

As illustrated in Figure (3), the number of the Mitochondrial peptides might not be huge, but the names of the peptides show us the absolute importance of these peptides:

  • ATPase6 which is the responsible for the ATP, the powerhouse of the body.,
  • COX group, which is responsible for the regeneration and apoptosis phenomena. 
  • URF GROUP and its oxidations function.
Figure 4 Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison between ACE Pico Extract and other Labs extract


The examples we gave for the bioactive peptides that are present in the Golgi bodies and the Mitochondria are part of a big whole picture of what present inside the cells. 

As mentioned earlier, ACE PCIO protocol help to disseminate all the solid particles in the cells and subsequently release of these peptides to be included in the extract.

Figure (4) shows the superiority of ACE Pico protocol in making the most comprehensive Extract Quantitative and Qualitative

[i] Cell 127, 1265–1281, December 15, 2006 ª2006 Elsevier Inc.