ACE Cells Lab Limited


ACE Cells Lab Limited was established on the 24th of July 2017, based on the Founder’s 30 years of experience in the field of clinical medicine, Regenerative medicine, endocrinology, Stem Cells Therapy and High-level ISO certified Clean Lab environment.

It was incorporated in England, United Kingdom with License number: 10881183 (Fig. 1)

Figure 1 Certificate of incorporation of ACE Cells Lab Limited


  • Innovate creative Solutions to overcome real clinical challenges.
  • Correct the misleading concepts in cellular products and Cellular therapy.
  • Put Regenerative medicine on the correct path and try to create some new guidelines that can help young doctors give better services to their patients.
  • Run clinical studies to prove the optimal clinical actions for cell therapy products.


ACE Cells Lab Limited follow all the laws of the United Kingdom and the rules of GMP according to the European union.

Our source of cells and embryos run under 100% Sterile and Clean room Environment in our Clean room certified by ISO 5 which qualifies it to produce pharmaceuticals. Fig 2,3,4&5

Figure 2 ACE Cells Lab Clean Room Specificaations
Figure 3 ACE Cells Lab Limited Clean Room Certificate
Figure 4 ACE Cells Lab Limited Clean Room Particles Count
Figure 5 ACE Cells Lab clean room particles count
Figure 6 ACE Cells Lab Certificate of Calibration
Figure 7 ACE Cells Lab Certificate of Calibration

Legalities of the source of Our Cells:

We harvest the organs and cells we use from Embryos that are collected direct from sheep, under the supervision and by license form the Animal and Plant Health Authority in UK and with very tight Veterinary supervision in the designated farms. (Figure 7,8 &9)

Our policy:

We adopt a certain policy in our lab either in designing our products or conducting some researches and studies. This policy target one main goal in our vision which is innovate creative solutions for current clinical problem.

During the clinical practice we learned from our patient is that relief the patient’s complaint is the most important goal for any doctor. This is the main objective in our policy.

  • Focus on current clinical challenge that has no definite solution in the market.
  • Regeneration X Degeneration: all the diseases with no exception cause damage to certain tissue in the body, our main focus is to regenerate whatever is damages whatever the cause is. It is war and challenge between the degeneration against the regeneration. All the medicine in the market target the cause of the disease and ignore repairing the damaged tissue. ACE Cell lab focus on regenerating the damaged tissue.
  • Make the product affordable to most people. We do not act like other labs and abuse the uniqueness of our products to increase its profits. ACE Cells Lab adopt a very wise pricing policy considering that the lab must develop and in the same time the product should reach the patients in reasonable price so that most people can use it without suffering financial burden.