ACE Cerebro pro


ACE Cerebro pro


Pack of 4 Bottles , 30 ml Each

Purified Extract of Embryonic Stem Cells, sterilised and Ozonized.

30 ml Sublingual Form

  • Brain Cells. (30%)
  • Neurones stem cells. (30%)
  • Liver cells. (5%)
  • Heart Cells. (10%)
  • Vit B3 5%
  • CoQ 10%
  • Vit 20%


RBC PICO Cerebro

ACE Pico Cerebro, is a purified extract of the Embryonic Stem Cells of brain and Cerebellum.

ACE Pico protocol which is the technology based on which all the ACE PICO product aims to disseminate the sold particles in the cells (as the cell membrane and organelles membrane) into very small particles of 15 – 100 Picometer. This makes the product very easy to be absorbed from the different mucous membranes and even topically from the skin.

To correct the concept of using Embryonic stem cells, in ACE products we disseminate the embryonic Stem cells to Pico particles. Therefore, there is no any possibility to be carcinogenic. Injecting integer embryonic stem cells might lead to malignant teratomas, which is not our case in creating the PICO extracts.


Purified premixed Pico modified extract of embryonic stem cells and embryonic cells of the following:

  • Brain Cells. (30%)
  • Neurones stem cells. (30%)
  • Liver cells. (5%)
  • Heart Cells. (10%)
  • Vit B3 5%
  • CoQ 10%
  • Vit 20%


Helps in improving:

  • Regeneration of the damaged brain cells, peripheral nerves, ganglia and spinal cord.
  • (Weak memory – Dementia – Alzheimer).
  • Sleep (can be used in sleep disorders)
  • Neurodegenerative diseases. (ALS).
  • Neuromuscular diseases.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy.

It is important to mention that this extract to be used with the medications that are currently used. The clinical trials to use it alone is running and publications of the results will be published soon.


It was not tried before with pregnant females so we can not predict any negative effect for the foetus, so better to avoid usage with pregnant and lactating females.

As the nature of the product is peptides and amino acids, so we do not expect it suitable to be used with protein allergic patient of protein intolerant.

Side Effects:

Till now, no single patient reported any side effect. The literature does not suggest any side effect to be cautious against except if the patient is protein allergic or intolerant.

Drug-Drug interactions:

It is safe to be taken with all the medications as adjuvant treatment or supplement.

Usage and Dose:

Sublingual Bottles: Direct the nozzle of the bottle below your toungue and push 10 times. This will equal to 1 ml. keep the fluid below your tongue for 1-2 minutes then you can swallow it. This is to be repeated 4 times daily from morning till sleeping time.

Capsules: One Capsule Two Times daily.


Bottles for Sublingual: keep the bottles frozen in the freezer. Take one by one for usages, between the doses put it in the normal fridge.

Capsules: Keep it away from the direct sun light in room temperature does not exceed 25°C. if the room temperature is higher than 25°C then better keep it in the fridge.


ACE Cells Lab Limited is a UK based Lab, under registration number 10881183.

All Rights © are served Ace Cells Lab Limited®



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